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Auto Accidents: What Should I Do?

At Farm Bureau Insurance we want to make sure all South Carolina auto insurance customers are prepared and know exactly what to do in the event they are in a car accident.

Tractor Safety

The contribution tractors have made to farming is immeasurable, but unfortunately they also account for 60 percent of farm fatalities. Use these safety tips to prevent tractor accidents.

Slow Moving Vehicle Responsibilities

Follow these 10 safety tips to prevent slow moving vehicle accidents. Plus, learn your responsibilities as the operator of a slow moving vehicle.

Pesticide Safety

A new planting season comes with unwanted pests. Whether you have a large farm or a small garden, there are certain procedures that should always be followed when using pesticides.

Liability Insurance

Farm liability insurance meets the needs of farmers and ranchers by providing public liability and employer's liability coverage. Other specialized coverage (such as animal collision and farm products) can be provided by endorsement. Policy premiums...