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Website Accessibility

We have designed this website to ensure the information is accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities.

Designed with Everyone in Mind

Farm Bureau Insurance is committed to making the information presented on this website accessible to those with disabilities. The content maintained on publicly available pages is reviewed routinely to ensure compliance with the most recent version of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, the nationally accepted standard for compliance.

This website adheres to the most recent version of the Level AA guidelines. To support the user experience over time, this website is tested periodically using automated tools and assistive technology. When issues are identified, we work to remediate issues until the targeted level of compliance is achieved.

In addition to routine testing, accessibility features have been embedded into the site, including:

  • on-click handlers have an equivalent on-keypress handler to assist those who are unable to use a mouse;
  • design elements to ensure adequate contrast between colors used for the background and text to address certain vision disabilities; and
  • links are underlined for those who struggle to distinguish between colors. 

Screen Reader Assistance

Further, with its text-to-speech feature, screen reader assistive technology can help those with disabilities better access and experience this website and others. Screen readers can also work in concert with braille displays. Some are built into the operating systems on computers, while others can be downloaded as extensions. Many screen readers work across multiple operating systems, but the combinations below are generally preferred:

Browser & Mobile Device Support Features

It's also helpful to note that if you have some vision, but struggle to read the small text found on most websites, your web browser and many mobile devices are equipped with features that can help support your view of many web pages. These include zooming in or magnifying text, adjusting font sizes, and changing colors.

Contact Us

We are always looking for ways to strengthen our website’s accessibility and to improve the user experience.

We encourage users who encounter any issue with this site to contact us at

Please be sure to detail the specific issue you are having, including the webpage on which the issue is occurring. And, if possible, let us know which browser and operating system you are using.

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