For roadside assistance, please call 1-866-291-0188.

If you have a Farm Bureau Insurance® personal auto policy, a customer representative will send help your way anywhere in the United States 24/7, 365 days a year for any of the services listed below.

  • Battery Jump Start
  • Tire Change
  • Towing
  • Locksmith
  • Refueling

One Call and Help is on the Way

To request emergency roadside assistance, simply call toll free 1-866-291-0188.  It’s important to store this number in all covered vehicles so you, and other drivers covered by your policy, can quickly call for help. Download a copy of “Help is on the Way” to store in your vehicle so you’ll always have the Farm Bureau Insurance toll-free Emergency Roadside Assistance number with you at all times.

Coverage Options

Gold Level 

If you have collision coverage on a vehicle covered by your personal auto policy, you automatically have our gold level emergency roadside assistance coverage. Should you call the toll-free number for assistance, charges for roadside assistance are covered up to your policy limit of $75. When help is dispatched by a Farm Bureau Insurance customer service representative, you just sign and drive. There is no claim to file, and you only pay out-of-pocket if service charges exceed $75.*

Silver Level

If you don’t have collision coverage and do not wish to add collision coverage to your auto policy, consider our new silver level coverage option. For less than $1 a month, you can purchase this valuable coverage. Should you find yourself stranded on the road, service charges for emergency roadside assistance are automatically covered up to $75. Contact your agent if you would like to add this new coverage to your personal auto policy.

Bronze Level 

The bronze level applies to all auto policies without the gold or silver coverage option. With the Bronze level, you can call the toll-free number to request emergency roadside assistance, but your policy provides no coverage for service charges. You are responsible for paying the service provider, like a towing company, the full cost for emergency roadside services. Since there is no coverage, no reimbursement is available through your policy. The bronze level is automatically included with all personal auto policies. 

*Coverage limits may vary for commercial auto policies.

Hassle Free Claims

Farm Bureau Insurance emergency roadside assistance offers hassle free claims to policyholders who choose the gold or silver coverage option. When help is dispatched by one of our customer service representatives, there’s no need to file a claim. Coverage available through your policy is automatically applied to emergency roadside service charges. However, if you locate an independent service provider on your own, such as for towing or other services, you must report your claim so it can be processed for reimbursement, up to the policy limit.