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State Tax Incentives All South Carolina Homeowners Should Consider

There are a number of tax breaks available to help residents fortify their homes from disaster and manage out-of-pocket insurance costs.

Properly Insuring Your Prized Possessions

Should a loss occur, are your most valuable items adequately covered?

The Importance of an Annual Review

Keeping your insurance agent aware of any life changes is essential.

Get Your Home Ready Before Winter Weather Strikes

Your snow-day daydream may turn into a financial nightmare if you haven’t taken the necessary precautions to protect your home from bursting pipes, a leaky roof and fire hazards potentially lurking around your home.

Price Gouging During a State of Emergency

Price gouging is the practice of raising prices on certain types of goods and services to an unfair level. Anti-gouging laws in South Carolina go into effect once a state of emergency is declared.