We know in today's economic climate it's more important than ever before to stretch every dollar as far as it can go. Whatever type of business you may own, you can count on Farm Bureau Insurance to help you find the insurance coverage you need at an affordable price.

Commercial Property and General Liability Coverage Options

We recognize every business is unique and your insurance needs will vary depending on a variety of things like the size and type of business you own. There are a variety of policies and coverage options available to business owners. A Farm Bureau insurance agent can review policy features and coverage options with you and answer any questions you may have so that you get the right coverage. Some policies you may want to consider include:

Commercial Automobile Insurance

Whether you own a small landscape service or have a fleet of vehicles to insure, your Farm Bureau insurance agent can help you find the right commercial auto insurance coverage to protect your business. We strive to provide affordable auto coverage for farmers and other local businesses. Customizing the commercial auto insurance coverage options we have available, your Farm Bureau Insurance agent will help you tailor an insurance plan to meet your business's unique auto insurance needs.

Special Multi-Peril Policy

Typically written on small offices, retail merchants and churches, the special multi-peril policy combines commercial property and business liability coverage.

Commercial Fire Policy

Typically written for commercial property in more rural areas, such as a country store, the commercial fire policy is a monoline policy that only covers property for the perils listed in the policy. There is no liability coverage provided in this policy. Speak with your Farm Bureau insurance agent to determine if this commercial fire insurance is suitable for your South Carolina business.

Commercial General Liability Policy

Normally used to provide liability coverage for properties that are written on our commercial fire policy, the commercial general liability policy provides liability coverage for the premises operations only.

Contractor's Equipment Policy

Often used to cover landscaping equipment, such as lawn mowers, bulldozers and backhoes, the contractor's equipment policy is used to provide coverage for equipment used in certain commercial operations.

Commercial Umbrella Policy

Sometimes the limits provided by the commercial general liability policy or the special multi-peril policy do not offer a high enough level of liability insurance. In these cases, an umbrella insurance policy might be needed to supplement an existing South Carolina insurance policy.