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How do I teach my teen to drive?

Believe it or not, your experience can sometimes be a handicap when it comes to teaching your child the rules of the road. Because you have internalized certain driving behaviors, they may be second nature to you. It can be hard to put yourself back in the beginner's mindset of a new driver with a completely blank slate. 

Farm Bureau Insurance is dedicated to helping promote safe driving behaviors, and we believe parents are in the best position to help their teens to become safe, smart and skilled drivers. That's why we sponsor the Parent's Supervised Driving Program. This handy guide will help make sure you're covering all the bases, preparing your teen for both the driving test and a lifetime of safe driving behavior. 

The Parent's Supervised Driving Program has three components:

Downloadable HandbookDownload the Parent's Supervised Driving Program

This guide will walk you through a full curriculum with your teen, featuring thirteen essential skills they need to know before they hit the road. 

Download Handbook [PDF]


The website features the same information in the handbook, in an easily searchable, browsable format.

The Parent's Supervised Driving Program Website


RoadReady is a free mobile app that offers a convenient way to log your state-required supervised driving time with the click of a button. Available on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Download from the App Store Download from Google Play




Auto Insurance Discounts for Teens

On top of helping to protect them, teaching your teen to practice safe driving behaviors can also lower the cost of their car insurance provided they maintain a good driving record.

Here are some other discounts Farm Bureau Insurance offers specifically for drivers under the age of 25:

  • Away at School Discount: Applies to students under 25 attending school more than 100 miles from home and who have no access to a vehicle. 
  • Good Student Discount: Available to students age 15-24 who provide documentation of certain academic achievements.
  • Youthful Driver Training Discount: Available to drivers under 25 who successfully complete a driver's training course.


Sneak Peek

In our guide, you'll learn how to control the car as a passenger, how to give better feedback, and how some safety guidelines have changed due to better technology in cars. The guide will also walk you through a curriculum for teaching the following basic skills:

  • Skill One: Before You Start the Engine
  • Skill Two: Moving, Steering, and Stopping
  • Skill Three: How Close Are You?
  • Skill Four: Backing Up
  • Skill Five: Driving on a Quiet Street 
  • Skill Six: Looking Ahead
  • Skill Seven: Turning Around
  • Skill Eight: Parking
  • Skill Nine: Rural Roads
  • Skill Ten: Multi-Lane Roads
  • Skill Eleven: City Driving
  • Skill Twelve: Highway Driving 
  • Skill Thirteen: Roundabouts

Visit the Parent's Supervised Driving Program Website to get started!