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Vehicle Breakdown Safety Tips

Getting out of your vehicle at a busy intersection or on a highway to change a tire or make a repair is probably one of the worst things you can do. Learn how you can remain safe should you have car trouble by becoming familiar with these precautions...

Tips for Driving Safely During Winter Weather

Winter weather can be extremely unpredictable on the roads. Follow these safety tips to travel safely this winter.

Slow Moving Vehicle Responsibilties as a Motorist

Learn how the slow moving vehicle emblem can help you avoid collisions whether you are driving a car or operating a tractor.

Defensive Driving Tips

At Farm Bureau Insurance safety is very important, and we would like to provide you with a few defensive driving tips which can save lives and reduce insurance costs for all drivers.

Beginning Teenage Drivers

Teenage drivers have the highest crash risk per mile traveled, compared with drivers in other age groups. Here are a few tips to prevent and protect your teenage drivers on the road.