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Catastrophe Planning

How to Build a Rain Garden

Why build a rain garden? Rainwater runoff is full of harmful pollutants that can find their way into South Carolina’s rivers and streams, harming the environment. Runoff from roof tops and driveways picks up all sorts of nasty things like bacteria...

How to Reopen Your Building After It’s Been Closed

COVID-19 has temporarily shuttered the doors of many businesses across our state and the nation. While employee safety remains the top priority, it’s important to consider your vacant property and how to effectively reopen. These seven actions will...

Keeping Promises

So far, 2020 seems to be about constant change. More and more it feels like our community is asked to pivot, learn and adapt. Today, things are very different than yesterday. And yesterday was very different than last week. And so on and so on...

COVID-19 Property Claim Assistance Instructions

Thank you for assisting us with handling your property claim. The safety of our customers, employees and communities is our top concern. We appreciate your willingness to assist us in documenting your damage during this time using these steps.

Creating a Wildfire Resistant Home

Wildfires don’t just happen in western states like California; South Carolina is also vulnerable.