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Safety at Home

What to do Following a Flood?

If your home has suffered flood damage, here are the basic steps to take in assessing the damage, reporting the claim and beginning the cleanup process.

Fortified…for safer living

The Fortified…for safer living ® program is administered by the Institute for Business and Home Safety and heralds a new way to build homes in disaster-prone areas, as safety-conscious consumers drive the market for hazard-resistant residences. To ea...

Pesticide Safety

Along with the coming of planting season come unwanted pests. Whether you are working on a large farm or a small garden there are certain procedures that should always be followed when using pesticides.

How to Deter, Detect and Defend Against Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when your personal information is stolen and used without your knowledge to commit fraud or other crimes. Learn how to prevent and protect your information and where to ask for help if you do suspect theft.

What to do to Prevent Damage from Frozen Pipes

As freezing temperatures appear, so do the risks of frozen and bursting pipes. Follow these guidelines to prevent damage to your home's pipes this winter.