If you own a rental property or a vacation home in South Carolina, or otherwise don't need all of the coverage options found in our homeowner's insurance policies, you may benefit from a dwelling fire policy. Farm Bureau Insurance can tailor a dwelling fire insurance policy to meet your specific needs and budget.

Basic Coverage

You'll want to talk with a local Farm Bureau Insurance agent to review the coverage and policy limits provided by a dwelling fire policy, but a basic outline is provided here to help get you started.

Dwelling Protection

Like a homeowner's insurance policy, Dwelling Protection provides coverage for the building itself. Unlike the homeowner's policy, this coverage applies if the structure is owner occupied or tenant occupied.

Protection for Other Structures

Similar to a homeowner's insurance policy, Protection for Other Structures coverage provides protection for other structures on the property that are set apart from the dwelling by clear space.

Loss of Use/Fair Rental Value

If your home or covered rental property is damaged and deemed unlivable, Loss of Use coverage provides payment for the necessary increase in living expenses or help in replacing lost rental income due to a covered loss (up to the limits of the policy).

Coverage Options

There are several coverage options available to help tailor a dwelling fire policy to meet your specific insurance needs. Contact a Farm Bureau Insurance agent for a complete list of coverage options. Some of the most popular coverage options include:

Personal Property Coverage

This coverage provides protection for personal possessions like furniture and clothes up to the policy limits.


Provides protection for accidental bodily injury and property damage to a third party for which you are legally liable. Depending on your needs, you may choose between personal (owner-occupied) and landlord's liability coverage.


Provides theft coverage for owner-occupied dwellings, since this coverage is excluded on an unendorsed dwelling fire policy.

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This information is only a general description of the available coverage and is not a contract. All coverage types are subject to availability and qualifications.