A Long History of Serving South Carolina

Our history dates back to the early 1950s. Back then, it was often difficult for farmers to get affordable insurance. The leadership of South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation, organized in 1944 by some of the state's most prominent farmers, decided that the organization should create a solution for this widespread issue, and Farm Bureau Insurance opened its doors for business in South Carolina. 

During the summer of 1952, we began selling automobile insurance policies to Farm Bureau members. Within just one year, we insured more than 18,000 vehicles in South Carolina. Word quickly spread about our exceptional savings and service, compared to other insurance companies. Today, we're a leading provider of auto, home, and life insurance across South Carolina for all people from all walks of life.

Keeping the Promise We Make

You've heard horror stories of families suffering tremendous property damage from a natural disaster, only to get the runaround from their insurance company. That won't happen with Farm Bureau Insurance. We've developed a reputation for being there when it matters most. We keep the promise we make when we issue our policies.

In 1989, Hurricane Hugo put that promise to the test. We stood strong through one of the costliest and most devastating natural disasters to strike our state. Following Hurricane Hugo, the company responded to more than 16,000 claims and paid out more than $71 million to South Carolina customers. During the aftermath of the storm, word spread about the quick claims response which fueled the company's growth throughout the 1990s. Today, customers who suffered property damage from Hurricane Hugo still fondly remember that they had a check from their Farm Bureau Insurance claims adjuster before their lights were back on.