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With DriveDown, Safe Driving Saves

We're excited to introduce DriveDown, a deductible rewards program that lets customers save on their deductibles as a reward for driving safely.

DriveDown your deductible and become a safer driver in the process. See how you can get started today.

What is DriveDown?

Drive safely and drive down your deductible! DriveDown lets customers save on their deductibles as a reward for driving safely, and it can help them become safer drivers in the process.

How to Enroll in DriveDown

To get started, you'll need to download two free apps—MOBILE agent and Routely, both are available for Android or iOS.

Mobile Agent App

1. Download the MOBILE agent App

Download the MOBILE agent app, a free application that provides 24/7 on-the-go access to your Farm Bureau Insurance account. You must have the MOBILE agent app to enroll in DriveDown. 


DriveDown App

2. Select the DriveDown Icon

Open the MOBILE agent app and select the DriveDown icon to enroll in the deductible rewards program. We'll ask for your name, driver's license number, and cell phone number. Enroll any additional drivers and agree to a one-time text message to receive a link and activation code to download the Routely app, also free, which will record your trips.   


Routely App

3. Download the Routely App

Open the link to download and open the Routely app, enter the activation code and you're enrolled. The next time you open the app, you'll notice the icon can be personalized to "D" for DriveDown. 

Download the App

Get Started Now

Open your MOBILE agent app or download it for free to get started. Have more questions about DriveDown? Check out our FAQs

Download at the App Store   Download on Google Play

Safe Driving Saves

Start driving and saving—earn 5% after your first trip. Questions about DriveDown? Scroll through our FAQs, or simply touch base with your agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Claiming Your Rewards
  • When will my 5% reward for signing up be available?
    You earn the 5% reward after you download Routely and take your first trip.

  • How often is a reward percentage earned?
    Every 30 days.

  • If I file a claim, does my deductible reward percentage drop back to 5% or remain at the percentage level I’ve earned?
    You do not lose the reward percentage. It remains at the level you’ve earned.

  • Can I use my reward percentage on a claim in which someone else is the driver? 
    No, you must be the driver on the claim in order to apply your deductible reward.  

  • Will participating in the DriveDown program cause my insurance premium to increase or decrease?
    The DriveDown program is a deductible rewards program and any driving data collected during the DriveDown program will not be used to determine your premium at any time.

  • Can I use my reward percentage on a windshield repair or windshield replacement?
    No, these claims are not eligible for the deductible reward to be applied.

  • If I am driving a vehicle that I do not own, will my deductible reward apply?
    If the damaged vehicle is insured with Farm Bureau, you may use the deductible reward.
  • What age drivers may participate in the DriveDown program?
    All drivers under a Farm Bureau membership are eligible for the program with the exception of drivers under the age of 16. Drivers under the age of 16 are not permitted to use the Routely app. Participants under the age of 18 are required by the End User License Agreement for Routely to review the agreement with a parent or legal guardian to ensure that the participant and parent or legal guardian understand and accept the Routely app agreement. See Routely End User License Agreement for details.
  • Can I use my reward percentage on a claim in which someone else is the driver? 
    No, you must be the driver on the claim in order to apply your deductible reward.  
  • What is distracted driving?
    Distracted driving means using your phone while driving – activities like making or accepting phone calls, texting, or actively using apps like navigation or music. Passive activities such as using a Bluetooth device or interacting with Apple CarPlay or Google Android Auto generally don’t count towards distracted driving.

    Some examples of phone use that aren’t considered distracted driving include making or accepting a hands-free call without touching your phone, setting up navigation and music apps before starting your trip, or using your phone while waiting in a drive-thru line.
Routely & MOBILE agent App 
  • What is Routely?
    Routely is the mobile app used to power the DriveDown program. The app runs in the background of your smartphone and detects when you are driving. Routely gives you a score, which is used to award you with deductible savings every 30 days.
  • Can I turn Routely off without uninstalling it?
    No, Routely will record trips even if the app is not running. However, disabling location services, motion & fitness or Background App Refresh for the app will prevent Routely from recording trips and you may not receive a reward percentage, depending on how long the settings are disabled.
  • Does deleting Routely from my phone unenroll me from the program?
    No. However, without the app on the phone, you will not be tracking trips and therefore, not earning any additional percentage towards your deductible reward.
  • How long will it take my first driving score to show up in Routely?
    The first score will be reflected in the Routely app seven days after the first trip is recorded.
  • How much battery is consumed by the Routely app?
    A number of factors can result in more or less battery consumption to occur based on using a GPS app. Some of the most prominent factors that will cause battery consumption to vary are Phone make/model, Phone OS, Cellular Tower Proximity, and when more than one GPS application is running simultaneously.
  • How does running the Routely app on my phone impact my cellular data plan?
    Data usage by the Routely app is minimal and you shouldn’t see an impact on your data plan.
  • What if the DriveDown icon is not showing in the MobileAgent app?
    If the MobileAgent app does not update automatically, you will not see the DriveDown icon. You will need to go to the App Store or Google Play and install the update.
  • Can I use the Routely app if I have Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as my phone service?
    No, the app does not support phone services provided over the internet (VoIP) at this time.
  • Why am I not seeing my trips or why are some of my trips missing?
    Depending on your phone, trips may no longer appear due to the number of trips or the timeframe. For iOS, only 150 trips are stored. For Android, trips during a three-month period are stored.

    If a new phone was purchased, your trips will not be transferred to the new phone. Refer to next section for more details. 

    If you updated your phone recently, the location settings for Routely may not have been saved. Check to ensure that location services are set to “always” and not the default “when using the app.”
  • If I encounter technical issues and need assistance, who can I contact?
    Please contact our Help Desk at 1-877-957-1734 for assistance.
Updating Your Information
  • Can I change my name, phone number or driver’s license number?
    Yes, use the edit feature in DriveDown to change your name, phone number or driver’s license number.
  • What if my phone number changes?
    Your rewards stay with you even if your phone number changes. To update your phone number, open the MobileAgent app, click on the DriveDown icon, and edit your phone number. A new activation code will be sent to you.
  • What if I upgrade my phone or get a new phone (same phone number)?
    Your rewards stay with you even if you get a new phone. Download MobileAgent app to your new phone and click on the DriveDown icon. Request a new activation code to re-download Routely. You will need to accept terms and location access as well to ensure your trips continue to get recorded.   

    Note: Trips are stored locally on your phone so you will not see your trip history.
  • What if I get a new membership number or my membership number changes? 
    Please contact us at (877) 957-1734 for assistance in membership number changes for MobileAgent app and DriveDown.       
  • How do I unenroll from the program?
    Use the unenroll feature in MobileAgent app under the DriveDown icon and secondly, uninstall the Routely app on your phone. Should you leave the Routely app on your phone, it will still track trips but you will not earn any additional rewards for the program.
  • If I unenroll from the program, can I re-enroll or reactivate?
    Yes, sign up as you originally did through MobileAgent. If you kept the Routely app on your phone after unenrolling, reinstall the app and use the activation code provided in the text message to reactivate. Depending on the length of time you are unenrolled your earned rewards may not be available.

Enroll in DriveDown

Start driving and saving—earn 5% after your first trip. Download the MOBILE agent app (Android or iOS) and enroll in DriveDown to get started. 

Download at the App Store   Download on Google Play