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Safety on the Road

Go Paperless and Save

If you’re not sure what “going paperless” means or how to do it, we’re here to help break it all down. We’ve put together some information on paperless options, how to get started, and how “going paperless” can help you save money! There are two...

What’s Driving the Cost of Auto Insurance

In March 2024, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index for Motor Vehicle Insurance shows the average cost of auto insurance was up 47% compared to 2021. No one likes paying for insurance, but understanding what’s happening across the...

What to Do When Your Windshield is Damaged

Windshields are one of your vehicle’s most important safety features but when it gets a crack or chip, what should you do?

Driving Technology That Keeps Teens Safe on the Road

Auto manufacturers and mobile app developers are exploring new ways to keep the youngest and least experienced drivers safe.

Prepping Your Car for Every Season

Routine vehicle maintenance is not just important for your car’s longevity but also your own safety while on the road.