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keyboard with a green go paperless keyIf you’re not sure what “going paperless” means or how to do it, we’re here to help break it all down. We’ve put together some information on paperless options, how to get started, and how “going paperless” can help you save money!

There are two paperless options and discounts available if you have a Farm Bureau Insurance auto policy. Select one or both to get the most savings. 

  • Paperless Policy: Get your auto insurance policy documents delivered electronically instead of by mail. When a new document is available, you’ll get an email with a link to the document. Paperless Policy documents can be accessed anytime by logging into “My Account” on the Farm Bureau Insurance website. Ready to make the switch to Paperless Policy? Talk to your agent so they can update your account. Once the change is made, the Paperless Policy discount will be applied to your auto policy. 
  • Paperless Billing: Get an email and/or text when a new auto insurance bill posts to your account. Review invoices, scheduled payments, or make a new payment anytime by logging into “My Account” on the Farm Bureau Insurance website. To receive the Paperless Billing discount, you must first enroll in paperless billing by logging into “My Account.” Go to “Payments” and then “Billing Preference” and “Update Preferences.” After enrolling in paperless billing, ask your agent or local office to add the paperless billing discount to your auto policy. Once the change is made, you’ll receive a premium discount. 

Save Money. Help the Environment. Declutter your Home. 

Everyone wants to save a few dollars wherever they can, but as more people select these paperless options, it has the potential to lead to more savings by reducing paper and mailing expenses. Plus, by going paperless you’ll be helping the environment. The average American is reported to use more than 700 pounds of paper every year! Making even the smallest changes in our daily lives can collectively have a significant impact on conserving resources and reducing waste.

All that paper piles up in our homes. With paperless documents and billing, you have online access to all your important documents, so you don’t waste time looking for lost bills or filing stacks of paper. Going paperless also offers some protection against identity thieves who may be snooping around your mailbox looking for documents with sensitive information. 

Ready to Ditch the Paper? 

To enroll in Paperless Policy and/or Paperless Billing, you’ll need to set up your Farm Bureau Insurance online account so you can access your policy and billing documents electronically. Click on “My Account” on the top toolbar to log in or to create a new account. When setting up your online account, you may want to verify with your agent or customer service representative that you are a membership owner for the account. You must be a membership owner to have full online access to all policies and electronic documents. 

Here to Help

If you have questions about your paperless options or would like to review all discounts available to you, give your local agent a call, find an agent near you, or reach a customer service representative at 1-800-799-7500 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.