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What to do During Freezing Temperatures in South Carolina

Water damage from frozen pipes that burst can be a major problem for homeowners in southern states, maybe even a bigger problem than in the colder north.

How Pipes Freeze and Burst

When water freezes, it expands. That’s why a can of soda explodes if it’s put into a freezer to chill quickly and forgotten. When water freezes in a pipe, it expands the same way. If it expands enough, the pipe bursts, water escapes and serious...

Water Damage – Reduce Your Risk

You can help prevent future leaks and water intrusion by regularly inspecting the following elements in and around your home to make sure they remain in good condition.

Washing Machine Hose – Inspection and Replacement

The primary risk of a washing machine-related malfunction is a supply hose failure. However, there are ways for you to reduce this risk.

Fire Prevention and Safety Tips to Protect Your Family and Home During the Winter

Use these fire prevention and safety tips to help protect you and your family at home.