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Vehicle theft remains the number one property crime in the country, costing more than $7 billion dollars each year according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Fighting Vehicle Theft in South Carolina

Insurance companies often work hand-in-hand with local law enforcement agencies to help reduce vehicle theft and you can help too. You can help fight vehicle theft in South Carolina by following a few common sense safety tips: using visible deterrents, such as an alarm system, and by installing vehicle immobilizers and tracking devices.

Auto theft is not always avoidable but by using a little common sense and theft deterrent devices you could be saving yourself a lot of aggravation, time and even money. Below are tips to help you prevent having your vehicle stolen:

  1. Never leave your vehicle running. Car thieves often target convenience stores, gas stations and ATMs.
  2. Do not hide a second pair of keys in your car. Thieves know where to look.
  3. Always lock your vehicle. Nearly half of all vehicles stolen are left unlocked.
  4. Park in attended lots and if possible, in the lighted areas. Thieves don't like having a witness.
  5. Do not leave valuables in your vehicle. This makes your vehicle more appealing.
  6. Completely close your car windows to make your vehicle less accessible.
  7. Never leave the registration or title in your vehicle. You're giving thieves what they need to easily dispose of your vehicle.
  8. Park with your wheels turned toward the curb and always put on the emergency brake.
  9. If your vehicle has rear-wheel drive back into your driveway and if you have a front wheel drive vehicle park front end first.
  10. If you have a garage, use it, locking both the vehicle and the garage.
  11. If your vehicle is going to be unattended for a long period of time, disable it by removing the ignition fuse, coil wire, rotor or distributor.

An Auto Insurance Company That's a Part of Your Community

As part of the South Carolina community, Farm Bureau Insurance wants to reduce the car thefts in our state and to help protect you and your vehicles. Through options like other than collision coverage available in our auto insurance policies, Farm Bureau Insurance can protect you if your car gets stolen. Speak with a local agent to learn more about the auto insurance policies we offer and how we can tailor those policies to meet your needs.