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Slow Moving VehicleEach year, accidents involving tractors and other farm machinery occur on public roads, causing costly equipment damage and more seriously, injury and death. The National Safety Council says about one-third of fatal tractor accidents occur on public roads.

Whether you are driving a car or operating a tractor, the slow moving vehicle emblem can help you avoid collisions! The orange and red triangular emblem is used to improve equipment visibility up to 600 feet and alert motorists the vehicle ahead is traveling 25 mph or less. Operators of slow moving vehicles should replace old, faded or missing emblems to help make the equipment more visible to drivers on public roads.

As a motorist, you can also take steps to avoid having an accident with a slow moving vehicle. Below are your responsibilities:

  • Know what the slow moving vehicle emblem represents.
  • Drive defensively and watch for slow moving vehicles on public roads. Give special attention to turning vehicles.
  • Be patient. Farm machinery cannot travel at high speeds.

Affordable Coverage for Autos and Farm Equipment

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