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blue tractor mowing a pastureWhile mowing brings joy to some, it is a chore to others. No matter which group of people you fall into, or how experienced you are on a tractor, you should never let your guard down. Here are a few tips to help prevent rollover accidents:

  • Know the recommended grade your equipment can mow and avoid hills or slopes that are steeper than that grade. For most mowers and tractors 15% is the recommended grade, but check your owner’s manual to determine how to safely operate your equipment on a slope.
  • Be careful when mowing embankments or near road shoulders, since one side of the mower or tractor may be lower than the other. Tip-overs can also easily occur should one wheel of the mower or tractor unexpectedly drop off.
  • Mowers and tractors can slip and slide when used in muddy areas or wet areas near a pond, creek or waterway. Turf 6-10 feet around a creek, pond or waterway is often waterlogged, leading to these slips and slides.
  • To reduce the chance of a rollover, mow up and down slopes instead of across them.
  • Avoid wet grass on slopes to prevent losing traction.
  • Always mow slowly.
  • Don’t mow anytime you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

Mowing can be a routine task, but you still need  take the following precautions to protect yourself while working:

  • Wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes, hearing protection, and protective eyewear when mowing. Also, make sure to buckle your seatbelt if your mower or tractor has one.
  • Don’t allow children to ride with you while mowing because they can fall off and get run over by the mower.
  • Keep spectators away and prevent young children from playing near where you are mowing. Debris and rocks can be thrown by the mower, hurting those nearby. Also, children preoccupied with playing may not notice a mower or tractor backing up.
  • Always check the area for hazards prior to starting the job.
  • Uneven terrain can easily cause a mower to overturn, so always keep an eye out for holes and ruts.
  • Never touch the blades or mufflers on a mower.

Tractors Account for 60% of Farm Fatalities

Tractors are one of the most important pieces of equipment on a farm and continue to increase farm productivity year-after-year. Unfortunately tractors also account for three out of every five farm fatalities. Injuries typically occur when the tractor rolls over, passengers fall off the tractor or the tractor runs over a bystander. Use these safety tips to prevent tractor accidents.