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Shutters should be a planned element of any vulnerable home. Permanent fasteners should be installed long before storm warnings, so panels can be put in place quickly and time can be spent focusing on the needs of your family and pets.

Why do I need to protect my windows and doors?

  • Keeping wind and water out is critical to home survival.
  • Protective barriers keep glass from breaking and possibly injuring occupants.
  • More importantly, they keep wind-driven rain from soaking the home's interior, and reduce the chance that wind pressure will build up inside, looking for a way out.
  • Breached windows and doors often = loss of roof.

Available products to protect windows and doors:

  • Plywood (this should be a last-minute alternative, properly fastened)
  • Screens
  • Panels:
    • Fabric
    • Corrugated plastic
    • Aluminum or shatterproof plastic
    • Roll-down
    • Accordion
    • Colonial/Bahama

What are approval ratings and what should I look for?

Approval ratings are important because they tell you what a product is designed for and what forces it can withstand. Some products are being marketed as "hurricane tested." This does NOT mean they have been approved or passed the large-missile impact test.

When purchasing products look for the following ratings:

  • Florida Building Code
  • Miami-Dade
  • ASTM E 1996-03

How do I decide what to use?

Choose a product that fits your lifestyle. Ask questions such as:

  • Should it be permanent, like impact-resistant glass, because I don't live there year-round or can't physically install shutters myself?
  • Can I physically handle screens or lightweight corrugated plastic, but not aluminum or other shutters?
  • Will I be comfortable with the look of roll-down or accordion on my home (visible storage "boxes" on exterior when not in use)?

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