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Regardless of the method you use to heat your home, the United States Consumer and Product Safety Commission encourages you to:

  • Equip your home with at least one smoke alarm on each floor and outside sleeping areas.
  • Install a Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm that meets the requirements of the current standards in the hallway near every separate sleeping area of the home.
  • Keep at least one dry-powder operative, ABC-type fire extinguisher in the home at all times.
  • Keep areas around heat sources free of paper and trash.
  • Store paints, solvents and flammable liquids away from all heat and ignition sources.
  • Develop a fire-escape plan before a fire occurs. Be certain that all members of the household understand the plan and are able to carry out the plan in the case of emergency.
  • Be sure the fire-escape plan includes a predetermined meeting place outside the house.
  • If your clothing does catch fire, do not run! Drop down immediately, cover your face with your hands and roll to smother the flames. Teach your family how to do this.
  • Have annual safety checks on all home heating equipment.

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