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You deserve more than a policy. You deserve a promise.

The Farm Bureau Promise. Local People. Great Rates. Friendly Service.

For nearly 70 years, local agents and adjusters have served communities across South Carolina. We believe that your family is part of our family. And protecting our family with local people, great rates, and friendly service has always been our pledge. You deserve more than a policy. You deserve a promise.

What makes Farm Bureau a different kind of insurance company?

Local People

Our customers are our neighbors. We drive the same streets, shop at the same stores, and root for the same teams. We believe that there’s something special about serving the people where we live…it’s an authenticity that stems from understanding where we come from, where we’ve been, and where we’re going. At the end of the day, we take pride in doing business down the street, face to face, and where communities connect online. 

Find a Local Agent

Great Rates

We love helping customers save money. Whether it’s offering a deductible rewards program like DriveDown, bundled policy discounts, or safe driver discounts, we’re dedicated to helping you find affordable options for the coverage you need. All of these ways to save, combined with already competitive prices, lets you take full advantage of the great rates we offer.

Friendly Service

We understand friendly service is more than a smile. We believe urgency and fairness are huge components of friendly service. As an insurance company, a significant portion of our communications originate from less than ideal situations, when time is of the essence. Our adjusters move quickly to process your claims. This is a commitment we keep day in and day out. And fairness comes from trust—it’s not enough for us to think we’re fair, we need you to believe it. We work hard to earn your trust so that when you spend time with us, you know you’re being treated fairly.