Long-term Care and Disability Options

long-term careCould you continue to take care of your family and pay your bills if you were sick or injured and unable to work for any length of time? Do you know how much money would be coming in each month—and from where—if you were to become disabled? What if you were no longer able to care for yourself? Would you be able to afford long-term care without losing your assets?

Health insurance only covers your medical bills. You need something more. At Farm Bureau Insurance, we can offer you some possible solutions in long-term care insurance and disability insurance.

Long-term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance (LTC) can help protect your assets from the devastating costs of extended personal care services should you become unable to care for yourself. The younger you are, the lower your premium will be. Insurance protection can cover in-home care or stays in nursing homes or other care facilities. Contact your local South Carolina insurance agent to find out how you may be eligible to receive a 5% discount on your long-term care insurance premium from one of leading providers in the country.

Disability Income Insurance

Not everyone is covered for disability income. Some can rely on their employer's group disability coverage. Others are covered by government disability programs. But, for many people, an illness or injury that stops their paychecks would create problems for them and their families.

Disability income insurance can help. It is designed to replace a major portion of income when sickness or injury prevents a person from earning a living. It can help pay regular monthly bills while a person is recovering, but is still unable to do his or her job. To learn more about the disability income insurance options available to our South Carolina customers, speak with your Farm Bureau Insurance agent today.

Get a No-obligation Long-term Care Insurance Quote

For more information on the long-term care and disability insurance policies available to our South Carolina customers or to get a no-obligation insurance quote, contact your local Farm Bureau Insurance agent today.